Friday, April 3, 2009

Status Report - April my kitchen table.

Drinking... coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

Watching... The Littles play in the sandbox through the kitchen window. the hum of the washer and dryer. A constant noise in our home. kitchen, badly in need of cleaning. myself for being unable to get into a blogging groove. Where have my words gone? To Facebook, I suspect. Where I can write in tiny increments of words and time.

Excited...that I reached my goal of -20lbs by Easter a week early.

Dreaming...of these.

My favorite Easter Candy ever. Going to buy a celebratory bag today. Because nothing says "Hurray! I lost 20 lbs" like a pound of chocolate eggs. Heh.

Pondering...What type of cheap family outing we can take tomorrow morning. It's the first day of spring break and a very rare Saturday where the weather is supposed to be beautiful and we are mostly free of activities.

Praying...for Anne. She is experiencing performance anxiety for her voice recital tomorrow night. It's the first time I can remember her having nerves in the last eight years of singing. But she fears the song is too difficult and she is not adequately prepared. Her unshakable confidence has always been a mystery to me. The nerves, however, are something I know well. I feel sad they have found her at last.

Worrying...about Brando. On the counter sits mail with the news that he has failed, for the second time, an exam required for graduation. Another paper sits beside it with the registration information for summer school. He has two classes he needs to retake. Just getting that boy graduated from high school on time feels like we are pushing a boulder up a hill. And yet, always, there looms behind that obstacle, a bigger question 'Once we do, what then...?'

Eagerly overnight trip we are taking to see family next week. The Littles can't wait to see their cousins. Neither can I. It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Dreading...the week ahead of me sorting summer clothes. I have probably a hundred items to tag for consignment. But first it must all be waded through, tried on, sorted into piles: Keep. Sell. Donate. And then the hanging, ironing and tagging commences. Leaving me wondering, as always, if the money I make can possibly be worth the herculean effort.

Grateful for...The Littles, who are clamoring for my attention. What a blessing it is to be so loved and longed for by these little people. Too quickly the time will come when their hearts will no longer be so wholely devoted to me. go clean my kitchen so I can focus on them completely, for a while, at least


  1. First of all, the weight loss is FANTASTIC. Such willpower you have. Wanna send some my way? ;)

    I like this post. It's as if I caught up with you over coffee.

    (Which, actually, I did, since I'm drinking some at this moment.)

  2. I do like the format of this post. Lots of information without a lot of words. Sorry about B's exam. Congrats on the weight loss. I had a roommate once who was obsessed with those eggs and kept them in the freezer for year round emergencies. Once I ate them while she was gone and she hit the roof. They are very yummy.

  3. I like this format as well. But I love whenever you post, however you post. I always walk away feeling.... mmm.... (searching for the right word and can't find it) it is a good feeling though, that leaves me longing to talk with you more.

  4. 20 pounds! WoW! Isn't this the life of a mom...all these things, here and there and everywhere...If only they would work themselves in the neat lists in real life, eh?

  5. You lost 20 pounds! YOU ARE MY HERO. I just can't make my weight budge - good for you!

  6. I'm so proud of you! 20 pounds? Can I send you my extra weight and have you take care of it? LOL.

  7. Twenty pounds?!?! You GO, girl!

    I too despise sorting the kids' clothes.

    Cadbury mini eggs are the best!

    Praying the Lord grants you wisdom in the raising of your boy...

  8. 20 pounds. good work. I need to get serious about this, as my scale keeps slowly creeping upwards. and I, too, seem to have fallen out of the blogging grove. I imagine it will return.

    love these updates