Monday, April 13, 2009

Top Ten Things I did NOT Do On Spring Break.

I dedicated my last post to commemorating the things I did on spring break. I would now like to list the top ten things I did not do on spring break.

I did not...

1. Blog. Obviously.

2. Eat all my kids Easter Candy and have to run out to the drug store and buy more late Saturday night to fill their baskets for Easter Morning. What? That's not a big deal at your house? Moving on...

3. Diet! Do not be fooled by item #2. Oh. My. Word. I hit minus 20 pounds the Friday before spring break and gained 7 back on spring break. SEVEN! I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. And some things that may have been. And it was awesome! However, after running and screaming away from it for the last week I am officially back on the weight loss wagon today. And, for the record, it sucks. Eating is way more fun.

4. Go to Disney World ~ And to those of you who did, could you please stop telling my children about it? I have worked really hard to convince them that The Magic Kingdom is just a fairy tale, like Never-Never Land or Oz. Or Chuck-E-Cheese. And continuing to show them pictures of your grinning kids with the Head Mouse is not helping my case.

5. Potty Train Pepper. It was the number one thing on my Spring Break agenda and due to our hectic schedule we didn't even start.

6. Bathe my children. It's true. One week of spring break. In seven days I may have bathed my children twice. More likely it was once. Moving on...

7. Tag clothes for consignment. And I think I am even more disappointed in myself about that than failing to potty train Pepper. All the money I didn't make! All the clothes that are still sitting in piles in their closets taunting me. And soon I will be adding the winter clothes on top of them. OK, moving on...

8. Start looking forward to summer. Last week was exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. I am going to need to make some plans if I am going to survive doing it for months at a time this summer. This post by Beck is awesome on this topic. This one too. Go read them. Seriously. Go. She is totally the mom I want to be when I grow up.

9. Buy myself a single new item of clothing for Easter Sunday. For which I am very proud of myself. The kids looked great in their new outfits though. And I did get a pedicure. OK, maybe not as admirable as I thought.

10. Run a marathon. HA. HA. I crack myself up. (Sorry, I ran out of ideas and decided to post the most absurd thing I could think of.)

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  1. I know people that not only go to Disney World, they go there repeatedly. Like, every time they have a vacation, they have to spend it there. How does one fit that into the budget?

    I love #6, and it sounds exactly like my spring break...or my every week, you decide.

  2. KayTar still isn't potty trained! You're still okay. LOL. She's so smart and so stubborn, I don't know how we are ever going to manage it. She's just going to have to wake up and decide to do it one day. She's fully capable and has been almost 100% trained a couple of different times, but she just claims she prefers diapers. "I am a big girl AND I potty in my pants." Sigh.

  3. Potty training is a discouraging thing - with each child, I became utterly convinced that they were never actually going to use the potty, that they would be cheerfully going into jk in diapers.

    We never go anywhere - we can't afford to - and I want to know where these people who go to Cuba every year find the MONEY! (going to Cuba is big where I live. Warm and cheap, apparently.)

    Hey, I am SO flattered by number 8. I had such a big discouraging arguement with The Girl this morning, though, that I feel like the world's worst mother and certainly not one that anyone should admire. Sigh.

  4. Potty training is so much about the kid and and not much about the parent. My three were soooo different.

    And I am really tired of seeing people's Florida trip photos on facebook. So, they got to go somewhere warm..blah...

  5. You're funny!! Glad you're blogging again. I've missed it!! I'm so proud of your losing 20 pounds. Have any clothes you wish to donate to a friend who has found them??

  6. spring break is definetely not for dieting. I know. I tried and failed as well. all that candy at 75% off? sigh...