Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach trip-Day 1

I'm at the beach. We'll technically I'm sitting at a coffee shop, in a beach town, with Anne sitting across from me. The two of us, our laptops nestled back-to-back on the bistro table are happily lost in cyber-space while The Littles nap at the condo. I love peaking up at her, watching her expressions change while she chats or Facebooks or watches music videos. She's really becoming quite beautiful, although she doesn't know it yet. I suspect she won't for quite a while. Youthful beauty is a fleeting thing that's rarely acknowledged in it's own time.

It's odd, I suppose, that it took a vacation to cause me to catch the blogging bug again. It's been two-years since our last family trip and we finally arrived yesterday after a long day of packing and cleaning and the kind of slow-motion traveling that one does with small children or a large group or-- in our case--both. For the first time we took 2 vehicles. Brando and his friend followed behind us in a separate car while Mr. Crumbs, Anne, The Littles and I led the way in the mini-van. Not having all my my clan in the car with me made me antsy and I kept looking behind me at the two two-tall teenage boys in the next car. It's surreal sometimes, your kids growing up in front of your eyes.

But then last night we all piled into a huge booth at Wild Wings Cafe and laughed and gorged ourselves on Wild West Wings (Thanks Chrissy-these rocked just as much as you promised they would!) and I looked around the table at us all squished together and I was hit, as I am occasionally, with wonder and awe that this is my family. (Well technically my family-plus one.) This noisy, motley group of people in all sizes and personalities. And one hair color.

Then today we went to the beach.

I have four kids. The oldest is seventeen. The youngest is three. (She turned 3 this week, more on that later.) Finding things we can all do together and enjoy, is a rare and blessed treat. But today, for hour-after-hour, they all--toddler and teenager alike-- had the time of their lives. And sitting, briefly, on a blanket watching them, I couldn't remember ever being quite as happy as I was that moment. And suddenly, I wanted to write about it. I wanted to capture the images of Pepper digging in the sand, of Brando and his dad playing football and volleyball. Of Boo splashing in the waves and Anne collecting shells. I wanted to put this day, that moment, in a bottle like fine perfume. So I could pull the stopper from time to time and inhale it. Invoking images, and sounds and a heart--my own--that wanted to burst with happiness. And on the lable I would write, "This, was one darn fine day."

I'm happy to be back at this blogging thing. Beach pictures coming up.


  1. sounds lovely.

    it seems to me that being out in nature... hiking, playing at the beach, wading in a river... are things that all ages seem to enjoy. makes me wonder why we went and divided ourselves up so much with toys and games and such that are so age specific.

  2. Yay - you so needed a great family vacation...I'm glad you're getting it! I'm also glad I'll get to see you in just a few more weeks!

  3. We have the same issue with ages and family activities. The beach was good, though. Hope yours continues to be just what you needed.

  4. It's so great to hear about you, your family, and your wonderful vacation!! Yay!! You're back!!

    I too understand about age gaps and family activities. It's tricky but I also think it is good for the kids when sometimes they have to bend one way or the other. It's nice to see how much enjoyment my boys can get just from watching their little sister have a good time (although, that only lasts for so long...)

    I'm always so thankful for those "darn fine days!"

  5. Ahhhh, sounds just perfect.

    Glad to see you back here.

  6. Happy you're back at the blogging thing! Though your post makes me nostalgic for the beach; we opted for a different vacation locale this year and though I'm beyond excited, I do love the beach!