Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're all in this together...

Pepper is awake most mornings by 6:30AM.

The Elders are up each night long after I go to bed.

We are working on eliminating Boo's naps to prepare him for his kindergarten schedule in the fall.

I am also participating in two Bible Studies that require daily homework. Because, ironically, I thought I would have more free time to do them in summer. And while it's true that we have less obligations, I somehow didn't foresee that I wouldn't have a waking hour a.l.o.n.e. So the only time I have found to do my homework is after 11:00 at night.

Don't get me wrong, we are having a good summer. Lots of swimming, playgrounds, games and friends. But I must also confess that all this 24-hour togetherness is making me want to crawl out of my skin a teensy bit. A fact which brings with it more than a teensy bit of guilt.

So, in short--and as if you hadn't noticed by now--Crumbs is on a summer hiatus. For my own sanity, I hope to be back soon.


  1. i, too, am finding my summer days to be anything but lazy

  2. WTHS in seven weeks and six days...

  3. Have a great summer! (it's like I'm signing your yearbook, LOL)

  4. oh "Amelia", I so understand. This is my life 365 days a year. Lately my constant prayer has been that I would LOVE this job with my whole heart rather than just grin and bear it. I do not wanna wake up 20 years from now and regret that I did not fully appreciate and enjoy my time with all these little ones.

  5. Yeah, I only thought I remembered summers being long and lazy? For me it's been busy, busy, busy and precious little time for my beloved solitude! :-)

  6. Hae a good break, busy mama!