Thursday, July 22, 2010

The best laid plans...

When school ended in May I dubbed this "The Summer of Go and Do" The Littles had gotten big enough to take places easily and we'd finally liberated ourselves from debt, giving us a bit more spending money. And by golly, we were going to use it to have fun. And we have. We've been to museums, jumpy places, parks, movies and even that play place with cheese in the name that I loathe more than brussell sprouts. And that's sayin' something. We picked strawberries and rode Go Karts and bumper cars. And, since it's been hotter than the surface of the sun in these here parts we've had countless play-dates at pools, fast food playgrounds, and air conditioned living rooms.

We had a lot of fun. Ate a lot of junk. Saw a lot of friends. And, since I am both organizationally and directionally challenged, we also had a few missteps. Like the time I lost Pepper in a museum in downtown Atlanta. Or the time I arrived at a play-date and realized Boo forgot to put on shoes. Or the day I got lost twice three times in one day.

Or today.

Today, I took The Littles, along with the 3-year-old boy I babysit twice a week, to meet friends at a local puppetry center for a play about pirates. The pirate play was a hit, as was the puppetry craft afterward. Then we toured the puppetry museum. And scared the living tar out of everyone under 4 ft tall. Now when I see "Puppetry Museum" I think kids. Not a assortment of disturbingly creepy dolls in dimly lit rooms that randomly animate when your kids walk by causing them to burst into tears and run screaming from the room. But maybe that's just me. So to my friend, whose child I babysit. Thanks for chipping in for the puppet show. The nightmares are on me.

So we left. The GPS The Man ordered me after the previously mention day of perpetual lostness (which sadly did not include Josh Holloway or Matthew Fox) had not arrived but I figured I got us there, I could get us home. Just reverse the directions, right? (I can hear you snickering.) And I promptly pulled out of the center the wrong way onto a one way street into four lanes of oncoming traffic. Crap. After a bit of screaming and swerving I managed to get us off the road onto the sidewalk and am proud to say that no one in that car has met Jesus yet today. At least not face to face.

There was also an incident shortly after that involving being chased down by the manager of a fast food restaurant because I forgot to pay, but lets save that story for another day, shall we?

On Saturday we will be leaving to do the one last thing on our "Go and Do" list for this summer: our annual family beach trip. Tomorrow morning I will be accompanying my mom to her appointment with her pulmonary doctor to talk about the results of her tumor biopsy and then hopefully heading over to her Oncologist after that to talk about treatment plans. I'll know then whether I will be traveling back and forth from the beach to be with her for other doctor's appointments next week. I need to be strong and calm for her and so far I haven't been able to say the words "Mom" and "Cancer" without tearing up. So please pray for my peace tomorrow morning so I can be what my mom needs. And for wisdom for the doctors. And if you feel up to it, a complete supernatural healing for my mom would be great too.

I just realized that the last time I blogged here, prior to this week, was exactly a year ago today. When we were at last year's beach trip. For those of you who were still here when I came back a whole year later, I was touched. Either you are very loyal or you absolutely never clean our your reader. Either way, thanks for coming back!


  1. I've done a few reader cleanings since then, but I've always held out hope that you'd return. ;)

    I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow.

  2. i've just caught up on the news, and i am stunned. i'm sorry this is happening my dear friend. keep us posted and i will hold you in heart. love to you and your mom.


  3. I just cleaned out my reader about a week ago, and I had no idea who or what "Crumbs" was - so I clicked over and thought, "Hmmm. Maybe she'll be back." I wish it were under different circumstances, though!

  4. my husband is terrified of puppets. and clowns. and he is WELL over 4 feet tall.

  5. Welcome back to the blog world! I never cleaned out my reader...and I'm so glad to see you show up again! :) Maybe you will inspire me to climb out of my own blog funk...

    Oh, and I pray the Lord's strength and comfort for you and your mom. He is faithful and He is sufficient...